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Steam drum retrofit | Gas Liquid Separator

Dyna-Therm found its origins in Houston, Texas in the late 1950’s.  Inventors and engineers at Dyna-Therm began experimenting and studying the nature and physical properties involved in mechanical separation. 

Bruce Wright was one of the driving forces in the invention of the Dyna-Therm Corporation design for the Whirl-A-Way, single-state, centrifugal separator.  At that time, Dyna-Therm began to manufacture separators utilizing this design.

In the mid 1970’s, the current owner and President, F. S. “Scottie” Lyons, began new tests in order to prevent excess field maintenance.  In this endeavor, Dyna-Therm established new guidelines in the design of centrifugal separators reducing field maintenance by 98%.  These new guidelines assisted Dyna-Therm in developing the highly efficient and unmatched solids separator, model DRLH.

During this same time, Mr. Lyons decided to optimize the design margin of the internals for its steam drums.  Therefore,  Dyna-Therm steam drums exceed all design conditions and parameters required and has the distinction of being the highest purity steam drum available today.

Due to the need for high purity steam drums we were approached by engineers in the industry to help solve a problem.  That was how to “fix” a steam drum that was not working and/or created low purity steam.  We were able to design our steam drum internals to be retrofitted into existing drums.  The result – a high purity steam drum by salvaging an expensive, existing drum and lowering installation cost without re-certifying the vessel.


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