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Dyna-Therm Solids Separators are exceptionally effective in removing entrained solids particles 5 microns and larger – so effective, in fact, that Dyna-Therm guarantees the results when the equipment is properly installed and operated. When used in decoking applications, the Solids Separator also known as model DRLH, will remove 90-95% of the remaining particles down to 1 micron in size. The result is that Dyna-Therm’s Solids Separator minimizes pollution problems and recovers valuable vented combustible products within the heater system.

Dyna-Therm’s units help obtain maximum heating efficiency with the quickest payout. And that is why more Dyna-Therm solids separators are installed, in service, and now being specified by ore major engineering contractors and operators- users for application as decoking separators.

Guarantee:   99% of all particles 5 micron and larger. Removes 65%-95% of particles down to 1 micron.
Model DRLH

Use: Vertical Downflow for removal of liquids or solids from any vapor stream.
Operating Range: 0 – 125%

Features: Can be installed with integral silencer.

Precaution: Solids must be non-adhesive and non-clinging. If this is present , a special pre-installed cleaning apparatus is required.

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