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The steam drum is the most important part of a boiler.  All the steam and water passes through it.

Dyna-Therm’s expertise and experience in steam drums provide our clients with successful boiler operations.
The steam is removed from the water sending the steam-free water back to the boiler system to prevent burnouts. This steam free water allows all liquid levels, chemical feed, and feedwater to be properly controlled. After the steam is removed from the water the steam is purified to be superheated, if necessary, and to perform its demanding tasks.

The most important job of the steam is to ensure that the steam exits the drum as dry as possible and returns the water to the heat source steam free. The reason for this is that any water or moisture that may pass through a steam drum can and will carry solids in it, usually in their dissolved states.

The steam drum also secures natural circulation and/or prevents circulating pump cavitation. This condition can precipitate down stream on other equipment in the system and can be expensive by causing a loss of efficiency or other costly repairs.

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Horizontal Steam Drums

There are two types of horizontal steam drums. One is the water tube steam drum and the other is a waste heat steam drum. Both types of steam drums have the primary and critical purpose of the mechanical phase separation of the water and steam mixture which flows from the Heat Recovery System Generator (HRSG) evaporator into the drum or fired boiler. The steam is removed from the water sending the steam free water back to the boiler system. This steam free water allows all liquid levels, chemical feed, and feedwater to be properly controlled. After the steam is removed from the water it is purified and then ready to perform more demanding tasks.
Excessive carryover (water and solids leaving the steam drum with the steam) can lead to serious problems like:

  • tube fouling- resulting in tube overheating and corrosion
  • reduction of steam turbine efficiency and corrosion resulting from blade and nozzle fouling
  • contamination of product or catalyst contacted with the steam.

Dyna-Therm’s high pressure steam drums deliver a standard of 99.986% quality steam with a standard of 0.5 PPM/TDS of water/solids carryover to the downstream superheater or process equipment.
Both high and low pressure drums can be made to attain a higher guarantee as low as 0.1 PPM/TDS with 99.995% quality steam!
Why should you choose a Dyna-Therm Steam Drum?

  • Reduces deposits on Turbine Blades, Superheaters and Steam Lines
  • Reduces maintenance and increases run time 10 fold
  • Reduces overall operating costs for maintenance
  • Increases operating efficiency from decreased downtime
  • Reduce continuous Blowdown
  • Stabilize liquid levels
Vertical Steam Drums

Dyna-Therm Steam Drums delivers the highest gas purity capability of any mechanical separator available, regardless of liquid loading. It is used where a clean dry steam is necessary for protection of related equipment. The steam drum should be used in a vertical configuration with a side inlet and top outlet. The steam mixture enters the tangential inlet creating a centrifugal action sufficient to allow the steam to be released out of the top through the torturous path area and going upward passing through the vane chevron separators where the convolutions perform separation again by impact and eddy currents removing the remainder of the liquid. It has a relatively low pressure drop and turndown ratio as low as 0% to 150% of design conditions. Storage capacity supplied in the lower section of the drum is required.

Material: Any metal that can be formed and welded

Guarantee: .5 PPM/TDS available to 0.1 PPM/TDS based on ABMA water limits

Retrofit Steam Drums

Are you having problems with steam? Is the steam from your drum wet or does your turbine have build-up? Is your superheater temperature dropping or lower than desired?

What you need to know is that you do not have to remove your pressure vessel but retrofit your steam drum with Dyna-Therm’s high purity steam drum internals. We are the industry leader in retrofitting steam drums so that they can achieve maximum quality steam at exit. We can retrofit any manufacturers drum and either high or low pressure as each set of internals is custom designed to the necessary specifications.

All of our internals are custom built for the application and can be made to be assembled and installed in the field by any quality/qualified subcontractor hired. We will provide instructions and/or on site field supervision for the retrofit.
In order to provide the correct internals for your application, we will need operating conditions, vessel fabrication drawings and if available, current internals drawings.

Size and Pricing

Steam Drum Sizing Information


This steam drum was built for use in a methanol plant 72” I.D. x 81’-0” tan/tan 4.25” thk. weight is 210 tons empty. The drum was designed to handle 600,900 #/hr of 1615 psig steam with the design pressure of the vessel at 1775 psig. The steam purity guarantee for this unit is 0.1 ppm/tds.

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